miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2011

Programa del 04 de Noviembre

Programa 04 de Noviembre
Smoove & Turrel. Higher (Jalapeno Records, 2011)
Frente Cumbiero & Mad Professor. Chucusteady (Munster records, 2011)
The Do. Slippery Slope (Naive, 2010)
Girls. Vomit (True Panther Sound, 2011)
Cults. You Known What I Mean (Columbia records, 2011)
Palpitation. We don´t need to, we don´t have to (Luxury, 2011)
Exxasens. Eleven Miles (Aloud Music, 2011)
South Central. The day I die (Egregore music, 2011)
Autumn Comets. Useless (The Suicide of Western Culture remix) (Cuac música, 2011)
Suzy & Los Quattro. Kick Ass (Bcore disc, 2011)
The Lillies. Why? (Cooperative Music, 2011)
The Antlers. I don´t want love (Cooperative Music, 2011)

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